Resources for Pilgrims


Walsingham -
Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox site of our Lady in Norfolk
Iona - Eccumenical retreat centre, Argyle, Scotland

Jerusalem - Major pilgrimage site in Israel
Rome - Historical seat of the head of the Roman Catholic Church
Lourdes - Major pilgrimage site in France
Santiago de
Compostella - Major site in Spain (see
Walks below) (link)
Fatima - Major pilgrimage site in Portugal


Many pilgrims enjoy the challenge of walking to a pilgrimage site. Some of these are suggested below

Spain - Compostela - The Camino - Several routes are possible
Scotland - Several routes of pilgrimage


The Confraternity of St James, information about the Camino

The Templar Pilgrimage Trust does not endorse any commercial organisation that pilgrims may wish to use to arrange or plan their pilgrimage.