The medieval Order of Knights Templar was founded in Jerusalem in 1119, primarily to give aid and protection to pilgrims travelling to the holy places of Christendom.

Today those ideals of piety and charity can still inspire people to support the search for meaning and faith which finds its expression in pilgrimage.

To experience at first hand the spiritual dimension of a shrine, such as Lourdes or Walsingham, can make faith come alive in a way that can never be achieved in a school classroom. In the same way, a journey to the Holy Land or in the steps of St. Paul, can bring the Bible to life in new and fascinating ways. The challenge of walking to Santiago de Compostela or Lindisfarne can give a fresh dimension to the way we see our lives.

The Templar Pilgrimage Trust over the years has now supported a significant number of people travelling in groups or as individuals, and with the help of donors and supporters, we are keen to continue and develop this work.

We thank you for your interest and support and we encourage you to share this information with others.