The Trust currently has an income-generating capital base of around £20,000. Using the interest income and other donations, the Trust makes grants totalling approx £2,000 per year.

The Hyman Grant of £500 to a deserving individual or group in order to help fund a pilgrimage. The Trustees look for a clearly defined itinerary, an understanding of the concept of making a pilgrimage, and the expectation of a wider benefit to the local community when the pilgrims return home.

The Mallett Grant of £500 to a church school to help children build their own faith in God, and their understanding of the human tensions between cultures in the Middle East, by visiting a place of Christian pilgrimage, worship or learning; or a teacher for a personal pilgrimage that will help to bring a sense of pilgrimage and faith in God to the children he or she teaches.

The Trustees make up to £1,000 available each year in additional grants, of varying size and number, to other applicants whose requests meet the objects of the Trust.

Past Grant Recipients

Recipients of grants are asked to provide the Trustees with a brief report of their experiences, and a selection of the reports is published in the Grand Priory's magazine.

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